We are a bunch of individuals with different backgrounds and skills set but all are united by one eternal bond, which is cycling. Here’s a brief of our team:

Hemant Jadhav

Mountaineer, Cyclist & Adventure Event Organizer

Hemant is one of the co-founders of K2 Cycles and his role in K2 Cycles is just like a backbone is to the human body. He has been passionately associated with all kind of adventure sports since his college days. His quench for thrill and adrenaline rush has led him into mountaineering.  He is a certified mountaineer and has organized many mountaineering expeditions and now is counted among Maharashtra’s finest mountaineers & sports event organizer. Apart from mountaineering, in his free time, he loves to spend some time in nature at some peaceful place.

Abhishek Koyande

Cyclist, Technician & Coach

With a riding experience of more than a decade, Abhishek has developed an eternal bond with cycling & the cyclists. His work hours as a bicycle technician have crossed more than 10,000 hours, which makes him an expert of bicycles at a very young age. Because Abhishek has also completed many endurance races & seasonal competitions, he also provides training to anyone who looks forward to pursuing his/her career in cycling. Currently, his trainees have won many entitlements for the state and national competitions. Apart from cycling, in his free time, he loves to explore and travel to new places.

Chetan Deshmukh

Technician, Cyclist & Taekwondo Trainer

Chetan is a cool chap who keeps smiling even in the hardest & toughest of situations. He is a passionate cyclist and regardless of the distance, he rides his bicycle for day to day commute and inspires everyone to do the same. Apart from being a technician and a cyclist, he’s a professional Taekwondo trainer & has participated in many competitions. In his free time, he listens to some crazy rock & metal music.

Deepak Jagwani

Digital Marketing Consultant, Cyclist & Businessman

A typical business-minded Sindhi who is passionate about only two “B”s in his life i.e. Business & Beer. Deepak kick-started his career with corporate sector but soon he realized that it was not his cup of tea. After some hiccups and jumping in & out from a couple of ventures, currently he owns a printing business. Apart from his own venture, he also takes care of the online & offline marketing aspects for K2 Cycles. In his free time, he loves to sketch, listen to music, read books, or go for a bike ride.