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The Best Selling Bicycle Tube in Germany

Reliable: Bicycle Dealers appreciate its high reliability. Each tube is inflated at the factory for 24 hours and tested for leaks.

Retains Air Longer: In manufacturing, we ensure a very high butyl content and a very high material purity. So Schwalbe tubes retain air pressure considerably longer than other tubes.

Group Tube System: The high elasticity and quality material used in our tubes allows great many tire sizes to be covered. For example tube No.17 fits section widths from 28 mm up to 47 mm. Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is up to this requirement.

Recycle: Every Schwalbe tube is 100% recyclable. Without any loss of quality we can use recycled material in the production of new tubes.

We have developed in our own factory a special devulcanization process and for several years, it has proved very successful. Right now 20% of every Schwalbe standard tube is made from recycled old tubes.